Staff Onboarding


Get your employees and contractors working quickly using a variety of simple staff on-boarding processes.

Staff profiles are 100% configurable to ensure you can set up profiles that are perfectly suited to your unique business requirements. Common profile information is readily available to specify an employee as a PAYG with a TFN or a subcontractor with an ABN, superannuation details, financial and banking details, roles, availability, documentation and profile images.

Staff can be imported into the system using a configurable import wizard or created manually via a quick create form requiring the most basic of information to get your staff into the system and working quickly. A configurable staff sign up form can also be fed through to your company website to assist in running a recruitment program.


When you engage new employees or contractors to join your company you can drive them through your own personalised induction process the first time they login to their staff account. The induction process is completely configurable so you can personalise the process to perfectly suit your companies on-boarding and compliance requirements. Easily customise the process to make your staff fill in their profile information, financial information, read documents, watch training or introduction videos, take a survey or test, or agree to compliance statements.