Simple Pay Runs

StaffBooks allows you to build a pay run quickly and easily. Automation through out the entire process helps to amortise the work across your entire staff. Staff can amend and submit their timesheets online that can be directed to a supervisor for approval and submitted to payroll.

The system automatically handles TFN staff members or ABN suppliers by separating them into separate pay runs. Expenses can be submitted with any timesheet and then get automatically extracted fro separate processing.

If staff is your business and you provided staff services to clients then you will be able to utilising the automated client invoice creation process. Client invoices can be automatically created at the same time as timesheets being approved where the client charge out rate is used to create the invoice automatically.

Your pay run can be extracted and imported into virtually any third party application by utilising the StaffBooks export wizard. The export wizard allows you to configure your export templates such as a TFN pay run template or a client invoice export template. This feature allows StaffBooks to easily integrate into virtually any third party software as StaffBooks can be easily configured to extract data to perfectly match Xero, Shoebooks, MYOB, Quickbooks or any other application. StaffBooks comes with a number of preconfigured export templates for many of the most popular cloud based systems.