Online Timesheets

StaffBooks allows your staff, your supervisors and your clients to submit amend and approve time sheets directly to payroll via their personal online account.

While printable timesheets are accessible the unique online timesheet creation and approval capabilities allow you to run a paperless, environmentally friendly extremely efficient payroll. Dramatically decreases the time required to submit and approve timesheets and reducing the time and labour associated with getting a timesheet from staff to client and into a pay run.

Staff or clients can login to their account and make amendments to timesheets allocated to them. Timesheets contain inline editing capability allowing for changes to be made across multiple timesheets without continual page loading or having to hit save. All timesheet are submitted to your system administrators with ammendments tracked and easily recognisable to your payroll department.

Add expenses to timesheets that automatically flow through to your payroll and into your chosen accounting and records keeping system.