Fully Configurable

StaffBooks allows for amazing user customisable functions that allow you to edit and change the system as your business changes. Virtually all elements of the system can be configured to best suit your requirements such as:

Staff Profiles

System administrators can create their own custom attributes that allow you to configure your own staff profiles to perfectly suite your needs. Create your own custom questions using a variety of form elements such as drop down menus, input fields, radio buttons, check boxes and file uploads.

If you would like to know the eye colour of your staff, if they have a drivers license or require unique documentation such as RSA certificate any question can be created to create the ideal staff profile suited to your business.

Job Attributes

StaffBooks contains an attribute editor allowing for configuration of all variable job attributes such as pay rates, employment roles, venues and even communication groups. You can create your own communication groups that allow you to target email or SMS communication to certain groups of your staff via the system.

Integrate With Any System

StaffBooks contains a unique export - import wizard allowing an administrator to configure your import and export data to perfectly integrate into any third party system. The export wizard allows an administrator to configure how data should be exported out of the system such as TFN or ABN payroll data. The configurable data file can then be easily imported into external systems such as Xero, Shoe Books, MYOB, NetSuite, Quickbooks or indeed any other system you would like StaffBooks to feed data into.

Email Templates

StaffBooks contains an email template module allowing an administrator to configure the look, feel and content of all email communication sent from the system. The email template module allows the system administer to configure emails such as your Welcome Staff email configuring options such as the automatic sending of the email when new staff are created or added to the system. Numerous email templates exist such as client invoices, shift reminders, staff roster email, apply for work email and many others.

Application Form

Configure your own new applicant form that you can feed directly to your website using an embed code. The form management module allows you to create an endless amount of forms that can be easily posted to any website or online location. Form responses are gathered in a convenient location allowing for fast processing of new employees directly from your website and into your StaffBooks system.

White Label

Configure the look and feel of the system to suite your own corporate branding changing the header, logo, primary colours, fonts styles, link colours, invoice styles and email styles.