Fluid Job Booking

Job Booking & Scheduling

StaffBooks "Fluid Job Booking Engine" is what really stands the product aside from the competition. StaffBooks has been carefully conceived to cope with the demands of managing and booking 1000's of jobs quickly and easily.

The "Fluid Job Booking Engine" has an amazing capability of being able to book and manage 1,000's of jobs all from the same screen without reloading the page. The engine and template has been engineered to ensure that all changes made happen instantly without the need to reload the page.

Checkbox actions allow you to make group actions across multiple shifts at the same time such as updating job details and copying jobs to other dates. Building complicated job campaigns where staff work in multiple locations, with random start and finish times with a variety of pay rates and payroll awards is incredibly simple and easy to manage.

The status of any shift or any job is instantly at your finger tips with numerous ways of tracking unfilled, rejected, unconfirmed, confirmed and completed shifts.

Track the time your staff work for the month or the week as you assign them to jobs and track the profitability and expenses of any job campaign you are working on in real time.

Switch simply between month and week views to get an instant overview on what is happening on any job.

Create detailed and complicated job campaigns requiring uniform requirements, supervisors, detailed briefs, timesheet approval by clients or staff, multiple pay rates and staff awards.