Easy Integrations

Export Wizard

StaffBooks comes with a configurable export wizard allowing you to extract how you would like to pull data out of the system. Create and configure your own export templates by choosing the columns and the value outputted under that column to ensure that your StaffBooks will be able to easily talk to any third party application that can import data.

Changes to your export templates can be made at any time ensuring that if a change is made to a third party system StaffBooks will be able to accommodate that change simply and easily via the export wizard.

StaffBooks comes with a number of pre-configured export templates built in for pay run, staff, expenses, supplier and client invoice data that are perfectly configured to seamlessly import into the following systems:

  • Shoe Books (Accounting System)
  • MYOB Desktop Application
  • MYOB AccountRight
  • XERO
  • QuickBooks
  • JCurve
  • NetSuite
  • SalesForce

While the preconfigured templates mentioned above amiable as part of the default system offering any other application that can import data can be easily configured in a matter of minutes with no additional costs.